Indulge in my latest journal feature, where I’m talking all about how I expertly elevate your wedding cake experience with the use of premium ingredients (and a large serving of expertise, of course). As part of your wedding planning process, you’ll find you encounter plenty of decisions, and choosing the perfect cake for your big day is undoubtedly one of the sweetest choices you’ll make. At The Kilted Cake Company, I have built my brand ethos around transforming your wedding cake into a modern, edible work of art–not just in appearance, but also in taste. Providing an unwavering commitment to using high-quality ingredients (and locally sourced where possible),I’m here to talk about why the ingredients that I use within your cake creations makes such a difference. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started…

Quality Beyond Measure

Every wedding cake masterpiece I create begins with the raw materials and the foundation of an unforgettable cake lies in the ingredients we use. I’ve spent years refining my processes, taking time to experiment with different ingredients and flavour combinations, exploring how it affects the taste and texture of each cake. As part of the service I provide to couples, I source only the finest and freshest ingredients and components for your wedding cake, ensuring that each element will tantalise your taste buds.

Flavour Fusions

Premium ingredients also contribute to the alchemy of flavours that shine through in each slice. My commitment to using top-tier ingredients means that your wedding cake will be a delicious blend of taste, texture, fragrance and quality, leaving a lasting impression on both you and your guests. I always encourage my couples to try out different flavour combinations for each tier so that you and your loved ones can truly indulge! Have a little nosey at some of my most favourited flavours here.

Premium ingredients translate into a wedding cake that goes beyond just satisfying a sweet tooth. You’ll be immersed into a moreish experience with every mouthful–from the richness of the flavours, the fluffiness of the sponge and the overall luxury of the cake. Have you ever wondered why wedding cakes taste so much better than the standard cakes you buy from a shop or bakery? It’s all in the recipe–which is, quite simply put, the ingredients used and the level of expertise of the cake maker using them.

Set the Standard

Dedicated to scouring Scotland for the finest ingredients that a wedding cake maker can use, it is not only the modern and distinctive designs that set my wedding cakes apart from the crowd. By investing in the best ingredients the industry has to offer, you have my promise that your wedding cake is the epitome of luxury. Just as your love story deserves! For me, using premium ingredients is a non-negotiable, which is often reflected through couples and their guests saying, “that’s the best cake we’ve ever tasted.”

The Homemade Touch

Rest assured, your wedding cake will always be baked by myself in The Kilted Cake Company studio on the week of your wedding. As standard, I create four scrumptious sponges that are layered with buttercream, as well as a jam or curd that has been thoughtfully sourced from a local independent supplier or the award-winning ‘The Cherry Tree’ or ‘Bonne Maman’ range. You’ll also be treated to my homemade caramel and butterscotch sauces, depending on which flavour you choose, for an extra personal touch. All my cake creations are covered in Massa Ticino by Carma fondant–which is used by some of the world’s most prestigious wedding cake makers. The rumours are true–it really is all down to quality and taste!

Your wedding cake is so much more than just a slice of something delicious. It’s an experience–from the design process, right through to displaying it on your special day. At The Kilted Cake Company, you have the chance to create an edible experience that becomes just one of the many pockets of magic throughout your planning process. Your wedding cake deserves the very best, which is exactly what I serve here at The Kilted Cake Company. With a handful of dates left for luxe wedding cakes in 2024, I welcome you to get in touch to find out more about my services, or in the meantime make sure you follow me on Instagram for daily cake updates!