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If you are looking for a wedding cake for your Scottish Wedding, you are definitely in the right place!

I specialise in making beautiful, modern and contemporary fondant wedding cakes. My style is Clean, Elegant and Luxurious. I am definitely a believer in less is more – let the cake talk for itself. I love sharp edges and incorporating texture into my work, they work so well together and give the most incredible finish.

It always amazes me that by working with a small group of ingredients that you can produce the most incredible pieces of art. Everyone loves a bit of cake, there is lots of choice, you can view my flavour menu here.

I know that it’s vital that you secure the right suppliers for your wedding. It’s a really special and intimate time for you both. I can assure you that I put my absolute everything into baking, decorating and making sure you and your wedding cake are well looked after. It’s my passion to deliver the absolute best service and product. Nothing will ever leave my studio unless it’s 100%.


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For some of you, you’ll know exactly what you want for your wedding cake and that’s why you’ve landed here, but it’s also really normal to have no idea. And that’s okay too. I’ve got a very specific look, so do have a look around my portfolio where you could get some inspiration on what’s possible. But don’t worry, this is your cake, so we’ll make sure it’s bespoke to you.

You don’t need to know what cake design you would like, to book your cake with me so don’t panic. My “how it works” section will tell you everything about the process and how we can get started.

It’s important that it’s not just a cake that we are making, we are creating a beautiful focal point for your wedding. It’s a real investment piece and I want you to be wowed when you and your guests see it.

I want to help you to design something bespoke just for you. I know that you want your wedding cake to be special and I can tell you right now, so do I! I absolutely love working with all my couples creating something that’s bespoke, individual and just for them. It’s great to have ideas and see pictures of work that you like, however, I will always, always, always say “it’s lovely…… but how are we going to make it yours?” You want your wedding cake to be your design, your statement piece, something that’s been made just for you, a cake that you can showcase as being yours, not someone else’s.

I know that It can be really daunting when it comes to booking a wedding cake but honestly, please trust me on this, it doesn’t need to be. “When do I book”,” what do I book”,” how big should it be” “do you deliver”…… these are questions that I get asked all the time. I am here to help you every step of the way. I want this experience to be fun, exciting and something that you can be involved in as much as you want to be. I will guide, advise and explore different avenues with you until we have “the one”.